The Guardian Editorial design

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Skills used

As lead designer on “Dotcom”, I was responsible for overseeing design across the entirety of the website. Developing custom article templates, experimenting with new technologies, and collaborating with editors.

Social media overlays

The Guardian was the first news platform to introduce branded social media overlays. Increasingly more people get their news from the likes of Twitter or Facebook. We discovered that people often had no recollection of where the news they'd seen was from. Our overlays have dramatically increased brand recall and clickthrough. Two thirds of Americans get news from social media

A couple of years later (after lots of flattering imitation from other media outlets), the Guardian became the first news platform to use these images to highlight the age of news articles. With a very short turnaround I worked closely with editorial and engineering to add much needed context to news stories. This was a socially beneficial and well-received initiative.

You can read more about this on BBC News.

Guardian branded Twitter overlay Content age warning on the Guardian website
The prominent age statement was carried across to the design of articles too

EU referendum

Animation for social media: Ahh, what could have been...
Flag of turkey overlaid with the EU stars
Editorial composite: Could Turkey really join the EU by 2020?

Hope is Power

Landing page design and build for the Guardian's global branding campaign; Hope is Power.

Cambridge Analytica

Image treatments for investigative series.

A space for hope

Promotional home page banner