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Workdays at GoMore are full of exciting challenges. We're a small product team in an international, complex, growing company. Being one of just two product designers, this results in me wearing a lot of hats.I like a challenge, and I have a high hairline, so that's just perfect!


While I would never call myself an illustrator, I have sometimes found myself illustrating things. GoMore has a weird and wonderful world of character illustrations that are a joy to tweak and contribute to.

A sporty lightning bolt An accountant pig A friendly tree
A sporty lightning bolt, an accountant pig and an excitable tree

I have illustrated characters, objects and scenes, designed icons, and even built a hand-drawn font based on GoMore's lettering.

Wallpaper featuring numerous GoMore characters in frames
An illustrated repeating pattern An illustrated repeating pattern
Repeating patterns created for user profiles

I can barely remember how to hold a pen, but I haven't let that stop me sketching with my mouse, quickly presenting my ideas before they're fully fledged.

An illustrated stalk holding a baby car
A stalk used for GoMore's car delivery service

My contribution to GoMore's illustrated world has reduced GoMore's reliance on third-party illustration agencies.

An illustrated family of bears on a bicycle


I've used animation to sprinkle some joy into critical moments of the product journey.

I introduced a simple intro animation to the app, and two playful animations for booking requests and instant bookings.

Booking state animations

Behind the scenes

Most of my work is — of course — not just pretty pictures. Below are a few examples of what my work looks like before it grows up and flies the Figma nest.

Sketches for an app navigation
Documentation for a project Documentation for a project
Documentation for a project
Wireframing a project