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We're a pretty small product team. Given that, I've enjoyed working on many projects from tiny tweaks and improvements to researching, testing and building brand new features. Two product designers, two app devs, one frontend dev, four backend devs, and one product manager

Avoiding putting lipstick on a pig

Updating our native apps began as a bit of rouge and eyeliner, but developed into full-scale reconstructive surgery. The complexity of showing one UI for two very different products (ridesharing and rental) had long been an obstacle to a straightforward user experience. We decided to split the app into two modes; ridesharing and rental.

User settings on the app A message about where ridesharing has gone
Educating users about where ridesharing has gone

Another (easy) decision was to remove the home tab, which had become bloated with marketing messages and product suggestions. Instead, renters begin on the search tab; with one prominent area for marketing, and owners start on the "rentals" tab; where they can easily manage their bookings.

The previous design of the GoMore app The new design of the GoMore app
Users were greeted with an overwhelming list of things we wanted them to do

Our new rentals tab became the place for users to manage their bookings. We created a dynamic design that draws attention to anything that requires immediate attention or is unresolved, and provides relevant links when you need them.

Exploration of rentals tab Rentals tab on GoMore's app

Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with our customer care team, and our commercial team. We identifying pain points in the current rental experience and sense-checked all of our proposals.

Don't cross the streams

Re-thinking the inbox and messaging streams between renters and owners.

GoMore's inbox GoMore's inbox

We updated the inbox view to contain contextual information about the booking status, meaning the inbox provides a comprehensive overview of what's happening without needing to tap in and out of various conversations.

The anatomy of an inbox item
Documentation created for apps developers

We rebuilt the individual message streams, adding a picture upload function and a ubiquitous but oh-so-useful "like" button.

A message stream with GoMore
GoMore's chat interface GoMore's chat interface

You say tomato

I added a touch of personality and real-time feedback to our pricing slider.

The devil is in the details

GoMore's date and time picker on apps GoMore's date and time picker on apps
A visual upgrade as well as a functional overhaul of car profiles

We studied the text that car owners had written and overhauled the structure of these pages, making them simple and easily digestible (like bananas). We focussed particularly on trust and reassurance, addressing common anxieties people may have before renting.

An illustrated repeating pattern An illustrated repeating pattern
Reassurances about insurance and the cancellation policy have been surfaced nice and close to the booking button


65% of first-time renters hadn't uploaded profile pictures, which meant many owners felt uncomfortable trusting these people with their cars. Introducing the following prompt resulted in a 45% reduction of "ghosts" on the platform and a positive impact on rejection rates too.

Anton is afraid of ghosts
In user testing sessions, people didn't only notice the prompt; they did what it asked

Playing our cards right

We used to have many different "rental card" designs across our product, and since joining GoMore it has been a dream of mine to standardise them. I created one unified and flexible design, which we have used across the product. Dream big, kids!

All the variations of rental cards there used to be

Some of the information we were displaying was redundant. The text we allowed owners to write was repetitive, and we found some users were confused by the icons we were using (misinterpreting an "Instant booking" icon as meaning an electric vehicle). Essentially we were displaying a lot of information which wasn't easy enough to understand.

Rental card research
Studying industry conventions through benchmarking

Our new design removed reliance on icons alone, instead using tried and tested words frf345f54rto spell things out. We also investigated the logic of star ratings, updating them to represent the car's rating rather than the owner's.

GoMore rental cards
"New car" became "New car on GoMore" to prevent confusion around the car's age

The oldest trick in the book

When introducing a Bluetooth fallback for people unlocking cars with our app, we ran into some pretty hefty load times. I channelled my inner David Blaine and provided a distraction to draw attention from the lengthy loading time.Up to a minute with some car brands