A pigeon

A bird
in a box

Skills used

In London, dead animals in boxes are commonplace. You will often find them housed in big shiny ad agencies and fancy-pants gastropubs. Taxidermy displays.

Many are ‘realistic setting displays’, where not only the animal is depicted, but its natural habitat too. Soothing city dwellers with a slice of the countryside; they usually feature beautiful animals, in calming natural settings.

Pigeons generally divide opinion between: ‘Flying, disease-laden rat-bastards’ and ‘Look at those pretty feathers, that cooing sound is so soothing’. I’m firmly in the latter camp — I mean, look at those feathers! Anyway, this led me to purchase a stuffed feral pigeon and build a box for it to live be dead in.

Bird's-eye view

Behind the scenes

I hired a professional photographer to document the process.

Having made this pigeon box; I now know floors better than you do. Floors are full of nuances: the cracks, paving slab layouts, the litter, the stains and tonnes of weeds and moss — proving that without the continual upkeep, London would be green.Presumably

The shell is real. The body is made of Fimo. The snail trail is nail polish top coat.

I’ve always been pro pigeon. As a kid, I used to collect the unsold bread from the bakery and feed the pigeons alongside the moat of Beaumaris Castle. Tourists would photograph me with pigeons landing on my arms and head. Some people become “that crazy pigeon person” in their twilight years, I got it over with nice and early.