Nostalgic CV

A foot in
the door

Skills used

As a kid I remember waking up really early, going downstairs, and waiting for the cartoons to start…

I would sit in a sleepy trance staring at Ceefax – its bright colours, blocky illustrations and canned jazz mesmerising me. For that reason I will always look back fondly at what we can now laughingly see as a pixelated-precursor to the internet.

In 2011 after finishing my degree at Falmouth University, I moved back to my parents' house and started applying for jobs in London. After one 'no' and a lot of automated responses, my mum started threatening that I'd have to get a job at the local pub to pay my way. I'd make a crap barman so I created an interactive CV in homage to the beloved Ceefax.

The CV was shared all over the place receiving over 50,000 individual visitors and was featured in The Guardian, B3ta, Campaign and countless blogs; hailed as ‘the best CV ever’. My inbox was flooded and finally I had lots of interviews lined up.

I created this HIGHLY versatile and delicate font. Email me if you'd like to use it for a wedding invitation.

The Zeefax CV served its purpose, and I was gobbled up by a big marketing agency on Brick Lane.